Grand Traverse Humanists
Careful thinking… thoughtful caring

Grand Traverse Humanists

Welcome to the Grand Traverse Humanists.  If you value science, reason, and compassion and believe that humans are responsible for their own destiny, you have come to the right place.  We are a community for the non-religious in the Grand Traverse area, offering a forum for discussing and advancing a secular worldview based on our common humanity. Our programs include monthly speakers and discussions, film and book groups, and various volunteer and social events.  All are free and open to the public.  Check out Upcoming Events below, or click on the calendar. Nontheists, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers, rationalists, humanists, and more...we welcome you to join us!

Grand Traverse Humanists Main Meeting

Second Monday of each month, 7 p.m.

Traverse Area District Library main branch, 610 Woodmere Ave., TC 

Upcoming Events…


tandem.fiveSunday, Sep 4

Humanists Bike Ride

TART Trail to Suttons Bay

10 a.m.   ...  Meet at Darrow Park in Traverse City

Join us for a Labor Day weekend bike ride on the paved TART Trail, going 17 miles from Traverse City to Suttons Bay. We'll brunch in Suttons Bay, then bike back (BATA bus is also an option). Contact person is Heather...text 503-422-6515.

roundtable2Monday, Sep 12

Meeting at the Library: TED talks and Round Table

7 p.m....main branch of TADL, 610 Woodmere Ave., TC


 StateTheatre.TCFFMonday, Sep 19

Volunteer at the State Theatre

7:30 - 10:30 p.m...State Theatre, 233 E Front Street, Traverse City

The third Monday of each month is Grand Traverse Humanists volunteer night at the State Theatre! Come take tickets, sell reasonably-priced popcorn and drinks, help with clean-up after, and earn a voucher for a future free movie. Help us support this worthwhile part of our community and have fun at the same time! Sign up at the meeting the week before, or email Sue at

eat-drink-merryMonday, Sep 26

Hungry Humanists

7 p.m....TBA



Join us for dinner out! RSVP to Marlene at

 MarkReimersMonday, Oct 10

Meeting at the Library: Mark Reimers and Neuroscience

7 p.m....610 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City




Sunday, Oct 24

GTH Book Club: Tom Robbins' Another Roadside Attraction

 4 TBD

  • Three Things that Must Happen with the Advent of Ending Private Prisons
    Last Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced in a  memo addressed from Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to the acting director of the federal Bureau of Prisons that they would be phasing out the use of private prisons to house federal inmates. This national step in the right direction, however... Read more »
  • Vote for the Future of the AHA in the 2016 Board of Directors Election
    Six seats of the American Humanist Association’s twelve-member board of directors are up for election this year. The following is the slate of eight (8) nominees for six positions on the American Humanist Association Board of Directors, selected by the Nominations Committee. No candidates were submitted to the slate by petition. The... Read more »
  • The Ethical Dilemma: Brother’s Keeper
    Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective? Send your questions to The Ethical Dilemma at (subject line: Ethical Dilemma). All inquiries are kept confidential. Brother’s Keeper: I have a problem. My husband allowed his brother to move in with us. At first I did not agree with it, but... Read more »
  • The Cartoon History of Humanism, Episode 43
    View all episodes in the Cartoon History of Humanism series. When Civilization Goes Neurotic: Sigmund Freud’s Theory of Religion Civilization is a slim thing, certainly buttressed by empathy and the will to comfort but constantly corroded by the gnaw and gnash of human instinct. By Sigmund Freud’s reckoning, his discoveries about... Read more »
  • Rules Are for Schmucks: Disappointment in California
    It isn’t often that a serious politician defies the God lobby head on. There are gadflies now and then, for whom we can all be grateful. And there are plenty of me-tooers once a sensible idea begins to gather steam. But when a mainstream elected official says, “This particular emperor... Read more »
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