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Grand Traverse Humanists

Welcome to the Grand Traverse Humanists.  If you value science, reason, and compassion and believe that humans are responsible for their own destiny, you have come to the right place.  We are a community for the non-religious in the Grand Traverse area, offering a forum for discussing and advancing a secular worldview based on our common humanity. Our programs include monthly speakers and discussions, film and book groups, and various volunteer and social events.  All are free and open to the public.  Check out Upcoming Events below, or click on the calendar. Nontheists, agnostics, atheists, freethinkers, rationalists, humanists, and more...we welcome you to join us!

Grand Traverse Humanists Main Meeting

Second Monday of each month, 7 p.m.

Traverse Area District Library main branch, 610 Woodmere Ave., TC 

Upcoming Events…

 StateTheatre.TCFFMonday, July 18

Volunteer at the State Theatre

7:30 - 10:30 p.m...State Theatre, 233 E Front Street, Traverse City

The third Monday of each month is Grand Traverse Humanists volunteer night at the State Theatre! Come take tickets, sell reasonably-priced popcorn and drinks, help with clean-up after, and earn a voucher for a future free movie. Help us support this worthwhile part of our community and have fun at the same time! Sign up at the meeting the week before, or email Sue at

eat-drink-merryMonday, July 25

Hungry Humanists ON HIATUS


Please enjoy the Traverse City Film Festival this week. 

Hungry Humanists will resume in August!


1971Monday, August 8

Meeting at the Library: 1971 documentary with Bonnie Raines

7 p.m....main branch of TADL, 610 Woodmere Ave., TC

On March 8, 1971 eight ordinary citizens broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, a town just outside Philadelphia, took hundreds of secret files, and shared them with the public. In doing so, they uncovered the FBI’s vast and illegal regime of spying and intimidation of Americans exercising their First Amendment rights.

On the night of the “Fight of the Century” boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, the activists, calling themselves the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, picked the lock on the door to the small FBI field office. They took every file in the office, loaded them into suitcases, and walked out the front door.

Mailed anonymously, the documents started to show up in newsrooms. The heist yielded a trove of damning evidence that proved the FBI was deliberately working to intimidate civil rights activists and Americans nonviolently protesting the Vietnam War. The most significant revelation was an illegal program overseen by lifelong FBI director J. Edgar Hoover known as COINTELPRO – the Counter Intelligence Program.

Despite searching for the people behind the heist in one of the largest investigations ever conducted, the FBI never solved the mystery of the break-in, and the identities of the members of the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI remained a secret.

Until now.

For the first time, the members of the Citizens’ Commission have decided to come forward and speak out about their actions. 1971 is their story.

Sunday, August 14

Humanists Bike Ride

Heritage Trailtandem.five

Details TBA

  • We Need to Talk about Lead’s Role in the Cycle of Poverty
    We need resources. If there was one resounding takeaway from the Center for American Progress’s event last Wednesday on “Addressing Lead Exposure in Low-Income Communities,” it’s that efforts to remediate lead paint and other health hazards in old homes across the United States are desperately underfunded. Without increased spending on such... Read more »
  • Not a Free Speech Issue—Milo Was Banned for Abuse
    Last week, for the first time ever Twitter banned a user. Abuse and bullying are common in many online communities, but this time Milo Yiannopoulos went too far for Twitter. Yiannopoulous, an advocate of #GamerGate, the harassment campaign against women in the gaming industry, had been temporarily banned in the... Read more »
  • Film Review: Star Trek Beyond
    Note: This review contains some plot spoilers. This weekend Star Trek Beyond, the third installment of the rebooted Star Trek movie franchise, beamed its way onto the big screens, clinching the top spot for the weekend’s box office. The first in the series directed by Justin Lin (after J.J. Abrams’s departure),... Read more »
  • Democrats Should Know that Religion Is Not a Litmus Test for Public Office
    Just days before the Democratic National Convention began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, WikiLeaks released over 20,000 confidential documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), including internal emails among key DNC staff members. The emails, dated between January 2015 to May 2016, allegedly show the DNC working to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign... Read more »
  • The Democratic National Committee’s Insult to Atheists
    Goodbye, Democratic Party. Unless there is a major, credible act of contrition, right now, I’m outta here—for good. On Friday, a batch of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) included a little missive from a Brad Marshall. Marshall is not some clueless underling—he is the chief financial officer of... Read more »
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